Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pre-Production: Storyboard

From panel 1 to 6 we see our character walking into shot. He is called by the narrator saying "Hey you!" The character looks towards the screen with a puzzled expression. He is also asked if he's "tired of being a spotty, greasy, nerd" in which words appear and hit him in the face.
Narrator says "well I've got the product for you" and a picture of a comes down and crushes
him. Our first shot is of him wearing a box on his head to cover spots.
From 1 -3 is of our character using the box for transport but is not too impressed by how fast its going. From 4- 6 is a disco scene in which he is trying to impress some girls with his dance moves in a box.
Character gives his grandma a present which ends up being a box. That when she opens that box another box would in that box. We skip to the same character using the box as an umbrella. Next we have a box being used as a games console...
We're using the cliche line that is used in every ad, "BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!" We show a Box on a plinth spinning slowing like you'd find in car adverts and television shopping.
A homeless man popped in the box as the free gift when you buy a cardboard box.

Storyboard by Michelle and Emma

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