Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pre Production: Script

Introducing the Main Character

Teenager walks into shot.

Narrator – Hey you!

Yeah you! Are you tired of being a SPOTTY, GREASY, NERD? Want to be popular?

Impress all your friends.

Box Spinning Background

Narrator – We'll I've got a product for you!!!

Narrator – Subtlety hide all your spots and blemishes

Narrator – Ideal for transport (Road Scene)

Narrator – Great for a night on the town

Narrator – The perfect presents for your loved ones

Narrator – Keep your head dry

Almost completely waterproof (Umbrella scene)

Narrator – Share the fun with your friends (Xbox Scene)

Narrator – BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!

Narrator – When you buy our box at the super low price of £19.99, you get a hobo absolutely free. Bringing your total to 199.99 plus postage and packaging. Call 0800 999 881 999 119 7253. Calls cost £100 a min.

[Box may not be able to do all the things mentioned in advertisement]

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