Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day 8: The Pitcher and the Batter

We had to pitch our idea today in front of the class. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous (that much) because I had a lot of confidence in our project, so there was no way they could shoot down our idea. Emma did most of the talking and she did it marvelously. We had good feedback so I was more them please.

Emma, Michelle and myself took the Storyboards we'd worked on over the weekend and pretty much combined the best bits from the three and made it one. I'm pleased with the outcome. Our sound guy also came in today and checked out what we had. So after finishing the storyboard, our goal now is the animatic. I want to finish it by thursday so that when Sarah from Rave Live comes in, she'll have a greater idea of what we want.

So I'm going to do some work now...


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