Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Code: Assessment Criteria

A1: Have a critical understanding of the range of techniques and skills underpinning animation workflows as they apply to broadcast media.

B1: The ability to initiate a team animation project, and realise it independently, to broadcast standards.

C1: Critically locate their work in terms of its creative and artistic merits in relation to contemporary animation practice and the broadcast media.

D1: Consistently apply animation skills and techniques appropriate to the standard expected for an entrant to professional animation or visualisation

E1: The ability to analyse, evaluate, and improve team performance while working within that team.

Individual Reflective Journal
Evidence of critical reflection on the creative and artistic merits of their work in relation to contemporary practice. (A1, C1)
Evidence of critical reflection on team dynamics and performance. (E1)

Evidence of creative presentation and promotion of students

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