Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 3: Concept Art

Today was a hard day. I felt really weird, it's like everything annoyed me today. Perhaps it's that time of the month and Aunt Erma came to visit, ha ha. Anyway, the day started with me reading a text from Emma (dated yesterday evening) that said I should come up with some uses for two more products. On my commute to College I thought of some funny uses for our advertisement and luckily they were good ones. Part of the morning was spent looking at more ads that could inspire us and the rest of the morning was spent doing concept art. However, everything I put out felt rubbish especially when I looked at my teammates' work. They draw so well and so fast, I think I'm jealous. I'm the weakest link - Goodbye. Every time they ask me a question or what my input is I stupidly get tongue-tied and look like a greater fool. So I tried not to talk too much today, I didn't want to sound idiotic. Maybe I should write a script for myself tomorrow, would that work, LOL?

It's a short entry today, I have to do some concept art of the grandmother...

So I'm off.

And I don't think we've got a reply from the Sound designers yet.

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