Saturday, 1 May 2010

Day 43: Finish Line

Our group finished our animation for Rave Live!

We completed all the pieces of animation we needed to do, I put it all together using After Effects and Final Cut, and then Emma added the music. We have two versions of our animation. One with Tom Ritchie's Dialogue, Music, and Matt's sound effects. The other version only has Tom's dialogue and music.

Emma surprised us all when she told us she bought (royalty free) music from a site called
Audio Network. It's a music and sound effects library where you can buy licensed tracks. she bought several tracks, and the one we liked the most was one called "Miami Beach". We felt so guilty letting her buy tracks with her money. We offer to pay her back but she was having none of it. That is the music you can hear in both versions if the animation.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 36: Gathering for Showreel

I decided on getting work together for my showreel. I'm not sure if my work is good enough for a showreel. I've been looking at a few and some are just amazing.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 32: Formative Assessment

I felt fairly confident about our work as a group. We had gotten to the stage where I was editing the whole thing together but of course the formative wasn't about the how far our broadcast pieces was coming along. It was about how far our blogs are coming along. It being the most important. I noticed I had made little or no reference towards my Showreel. I need to get on top of that. Jared knew how self critical of myself I could be and filled my out my Formative sheet for me. Apparently I'm doing 'good', but good just isn't good enough.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 16 - 18: "Doomsday is around the corner..."

We didn't get as much work done as I'd expected due to lectures, E & E and Contextual Studies. However the highlight of this week is mostly definitely our voice over, performed by fellow classmate Tom Ritchie. He did an excellent job on the voice over and has a real talent for voice acting. I looked at my watch this morning and noticed the date said 9th which made me come to the realisation that we only have 13 days left to hand this in to Rave Live. Doomsday is around the corner and I'd totally forgotten. We decided to start animating...

P.S. I can't upload audio on blogger, so you'll wait till the animation is done.

Production: But That's Not All

I sent these piece to my teammate via Facebook and I asked the to choose out the three what colour scheme would work. My idea was to make give it a "glamourous" look. I wanted to use special colours...
Colours with meaning like Purple and violet are considered to be royalty colours. I also used gold for the font. But it was a bit too strong.
So I watered it down a bit and this is what my group chose.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 15: Showreels

Didn't get much work done on the Advert animation. Our tutor had a lesson planned for us today. We had to look for good showreels via the internet in groups of two and then say 3 good things and one bad thing about the showreel. We did that from 10:30 until lunch time then after lunch he showed us examples of work that would not be presentable in a showreel.

Today, I noticed that it's easy for riggers, animators, modelers, UV mappers to make cool showreels but what if you're just a 2D storyboard artist. What do I show? Pictures on each frame?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Day 11 - 14: The Animatic

Easter Weekend. So no college till tuesday. I've been working on the animatic for our 30 second animation. I used the storyboard drawn by Michelle & Emma to construct our very rough animatic. I cropped out each panel and made that a new file. I ended up with 28 frames. Which I thought was good because each storyboard frame could represent one second of animation. And give us 2 seconds to spare for whatever wanted. Oh, how wrong I was.

While editing, I've realised that we may need more time. No more than ten seconds though. The file is too big to upload on Blogger but I'll find a way to shrink it's MB.


I managed to upload it to youtube and embed it.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Day 9: So Tired...

My aim for today was to get some scenes of our animatic done. Although Emma said we could make our animatic next week, I really wanted to impress my team mates by doing it in a day. Oh, how wrong I was. I worked from 8am to 8pm and now I'm too tired to even write my journal entry. To even start the animatic I had to design the main character (a 17 year-old boy), which took ages because I was using illustrator. Like an idiot.

To be continued...

Too tired.

Pre-production: Animatic scenes

These were just tests... I wanted to know what would be the best editing software. After effects is a awesome visual editing software but the sound of it could give us some problems. However Premiere Pro's sound is perfect where the visuals aren't that great.
I was a little worried about this, the speed and closeness of the colours could affect people who suffer from epileptic fits. We have a friend who suffers from it and we all agreed we didn't want to take that risk. so I'm changing it.

Pre-Production: More Concepts

Words, phrases and props to be used in my animatic.
In the background, Emma wants coloured lines to spin. That's the easy part but I need to figure out how to bend the lines. Who do I know that can help?
I don't know what our name for him is yet but we already decided he was a seventeen year-old teenage boy, who is somewhat unpopular (especially with the ladies)... So the box we're selling is he way to try and be cool.
The box can be used to cover any spots, pimples or even ugliness.

The box is a great mode of transport.

Great dance partner.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day 8: The Pitcher and the Batter

We had to pitch our idea today in front of the class. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous (that much) because I had a lot of confidence in our project, so there was no way they could shoot down our idea. Emma did most of the talking and she did it marvelously. We had good feedback so I was more them please.

Emma, Michelle and myself took the Storyboards we'd worked on over the weekend and pretty much combined the best bits from the three and made it one. I'm pleased with the outcome. Our sound guy also came in today and checked out what we had. So after finishing the storyboard, our goal now is the animatic. I want to finish it by thursday so that when Sarah from Rave Live comes in, she'll have a greater idea of what we want.

So I'm going to do some work now...


Pre-Production: Storyboard

From panel 1 to 6 we see our character walking into shot. He is called by the narrator saying "Hey you!" The character looks towards the screen with a puzzled expression. He is also asked if he's "tired of being a spotty, greasy, nerd" in which words appear and hit him in the face.
Narrator says "well I've got the product for you" and a picture of a comes down and crushes
him. Our first shot is of him wearing a box on his head to cover spots.
From 1 -3 is of our character using the box for transport but is not too impressed by how fast its going. From 4- 6 is a disco scene in which he is trying to impress some girls with his dance moves in a box.
Character gives his grandma a present which ends up being a box. That when she opens that box another box would in that box. We skip to the same character using the box as an umbrella. Next we have a box being used as a games console...
We're using the cliche line that is used in every ad, "BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!" We show a Box on a plinth spinning slowing like you'd find in car adverts and television shopping.
A homeless man popped in the box as the free gift when you buy a cardboard box.

Storyboard by Michelle and Emma

Monday, 29 March 2010

Day 5 - 7: Storyboarding

All I did was look for more ads and more animations we can take inspiration from. This weekend was pretty boring in terms of doing work. Added to my research entry below.


Threw some work on some paper and I had the nerve to call it a storyboard. I was given the Hobo as theme of my storyboard.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pre Production: Script

Introducing the Main Character

Teenager walks into shot.

Narrator – Hey you!

Yeah you! Are you tired of being a SPOTTY, GREASY, NERD? Want to be popular?

Impress all your friends.

Box Spinning Background

Narrator – We'll I've got a product for you!!!

Narrator – Subtlety hide all your spots and blemishes

Narrator – Ideal for transport (Road Scene)

Narrator – Great for a night on the town

Narrator – The perfect presents for your loved ones

Narrator – Keep your head dry

Almost completely waterproof (Umbrella scene)

Narrator – Share the fun with your friends (Xbox Scene)

Narrator – BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!

Narrator – When you buy our box at the super low price of £19.99, you get a hobo absolutely free. Bringing your total to 199.99 plus postage and packaging. Call 0800 999 881 999 119 7253. Calls cost £100 a min.

[Box may not be able to do all the things mentioned in advertisement]

Friday, 26 March 2010

Day 4: Scary Essays!

Didn't do much work today. We had lectures from Contextual Studies' teacher Freddie Gaffney. His lectures are always a delight to listen to. A ten-minute one from PPD and some BA (3rd year) students pitched their idea to us for recruitment. So a busy day. Michelle and Emma liked my grandma design but I don't really want them to go with it though. I think they can do miles better. I wanted to put some textures on the clothes (in Photoshop) but it wasn't working out for me, I ma need to get some help with that. I'll ask the Caldow twins, they should know.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pre-Production: Concept Work

We were all given characters to design, this is what I came out with. Mine was the grandmother. It was fairly easy, I had pictured her in my head already, it was getting on paper that was the hard part. I wasn't sure what style we were going for because we are all very different artists.
I tried different eyes for the face, the amount of wrinkles to use and the shape of the face.

Day 3: Concept Art

Today was a hard day. I felt really weird, it's like everything annoyed me today. Perhaps it's that time of the month and Aunt Erma came to visit, ha ha. Anyway, the day started with me reading a text from Emma (dated yesterday evening) that said I should come up with some uses for two more products. On my commute to College I thought of some funny uses for our advertisement and luckily they were good ones. Part of the morning was spent looking at more ads that could inspire us and the rest of the morning was spent doing concept art. However, everything I put out felt rubbish especially when I looked at my teammates' work. They draw so well and so fast, I think I'm jealous. I'm the weakest link - Goodbye. Every time they ask me a question or what my input is I stupidly get tongue-tied and look like a greater fool. So I tried not to talk too much today, I didn't want to sound idiotic. Maybe I should write a script for myself tomorrow, would that work, LOL?

It's a short entry today, I have to do some concept art of the grandmother...

So I'm off.

And I don't think we've got a reply from the Sound designers yet.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day 2: Thinking of Ideas

Phew! What a day, eh? Today me, Emma and Michelle tried to think of some ideas for our group project. Ideas were thrown around like Pigeon on a train, Vending machine taking your money or Wedding gone wrong. However, we came to the conclusion of doing an advertisement in Flash. We chose an advertisement because our limit was 30 seconds and the only things that are presented in 30 seconds and done fairly well are adverts. We also liked the idea that in between people's work on the Rave live channel our little spoof ad could play along like a real ad.

After a lecture that never happened, we headed back to the classroom where Emma and I started to develop on our idea of advertising. We looked at real ads/fake ads and dissected them, checking out what made adverts do the thing they do - Sell. The results of our search are below.

We then needed a product to sell. We came up with the most insane products and changed their uses. I had a lot fun doing that - just to make up random wacky gags - I laughed a bit too much. According to what Emma learnt at the Pixar Lecture when trying to come up with gags, we have to come up with a character and put in a weird situation, which is exactly what we were doing.

I'm tired now, So I'll be off.

Before I forget, we're now trying to get in touch with a sound designer. I suggested the sound designer that we used in the previous project, who did an excellent job on our piece, and Emma e-mailed him.

Research: Advertisement

I never used to like researching until now, it was so fun just looking for either spoof or real adverts with humour that could influence our work...
Snuggie - is real product that is the fusion of a jumper and a blanket. We love the corniness of the advertisement.
Ren & Stimpy - Log - Log is one that was mentioned several times. It's a spoof ad for a kid's toy
Phineas & Ferb - Brick - Brick is exactly the same idea.
Cyanide & Happiness Book - I think a lot of our animation is based upon this piece.