Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day 2: Thinking of Ideas

Phew! What a day, eh? Today me, Emma and Michelle tried to think of some ideas for our group project. Ideas were thrown around like Pigeon on a train, Vending machine taking your money or Wedding gone wrong. However, we came to the conclusion of doing an advertisement in Flash. We chose an advertisement because our limit was 30 seconds and the only things that are presented in 30 seconds and done fairly well are adverts. We also liked the idea that in between people's work on the Rave live channel our little spoof ad could play along like a real ad.

After a lecture that never happened, we headed back to the classroom where Emma and I started to develop on our idea of advertising. We looked at real ads/fake ads and dissected them, checking out what made adverts do the thing they do - Sell. The results of our search are below.

We then needed a product to sell. We came up with the most insane products and changed their uses. I had a lot fun doing that - just to make up random wacky gags - I laughed a bit too much. According to what Emma learnt at the Pixar Lecture when trying to come up with gags, we have to come up with a character and put in a weird situation, which is exactly what we were doing.

I'm tired now, So I'll be off.

Before I forget, we're now trying to get in touch with a sound designer. I suggested the sound designer that we used in the previous project, who did an excellent job on our piece, and Emma e-mailed him.

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