Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 1: Back to School

After a nice two weeks of rest and relaxation, it's nice to get back into the classroom. Today was the first day back - actually, yesterday was the first day back but I totally forgot, so I went today. It was nice to meet up with friends and have a few laughs. Spring break was pretty boring.

Jared, my tutor, introduced us to the new project by explaining the brief to us (as seen in first entry). I liked the sound of helping with the Rave live idents, considering that I've worked on idents before and I'm a keen graphic designer and illustrator. I could see myself playing around with the Rave live idents in after effects or Flash (in a 2D format). However, organisers of Rave live said the logos had to be in 3D. Sad-face. I'm not all too confident in using 3D animating software and the encounters I've had with Maya haven't been very pleasant, so I want to stay clear of Maya this term.

The other options were to join a BA (3rd year)group and help them with their final project but the only jobs they had to offer were UV mapping, texturing and animating. Or get a external client which if I did get one, they would want it in 3D. Luckily for me there was a secret option to make a 30 second piece for Rave live. Also I was lucky to get Michelle and Emma in my group. How intimidating is that? They are so good and so talented at animation I fear I may fall behind in their awesomeness. Our job for tonight is to get some research...

So I'm off to go do that.

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